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These are just some notes about the show that don't fit anywhere else.

The show was called "The Running Your Trap Podcast" for about 5 seconds in the first episode, then became "The Pardcast". Jimmy also explained what the show would be, a podcast with him & Matt talking to a third guest, one of his comedian friends, on each episode. Mike Schmidt was the first guest. Pat Francis was supposed to be the second guest, but was unavailable so Mike stepped in. In episode two Jimmy also announced that the show would be going weekly. Episode three was a reset, with the podcast being called "Never Not Funny" and Mike added as a co-host.

"Mad At The World" was added as the theme song in episode 30, with clips from the previous shows.

A running joke through season 1 & 2 was Pat Francis wanting to be in the intros. An intro made up of his attempts plays at the end of episode 236.