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The "Stupid Question of the Week" began in season 3, as a bonus feature for primo members and was inspired by a question sent in by Jennifer Pelkey. In 302, they decided that if they used your question, you would get an AST Records prize.

301: From Jennifer Pelkey: What are your feelings on cologne?

302: From Andrew Primus: Yogurt - fruit on the bottom or mixed in?

303: From Oscar: When you go to bed - socks or bare feet?

304: Tying your shoelaces? Bunny ears or around the....thing? (Matt forgot who sent this in, Jimmy hated this question but came around to loving it.)

305: From Brady Ford: How do you feel about personalized sports jerseys?

305: From Charlie Dufford or Chuck Difford, Jimmy can't read his own writing: Watches - analog or digital?

306: From Kyle Buis: What doesn't belong on a sandwich?

306: From Brian Dillow: What is your favorite sandwich?

307: From Cathy & also Ryan Cantrera: Do you go sock sock, shoe shoe or sock shoe sock shoe?

308: From Dan Telfor from Chicago: Do you guys have a favorite animal?

309: From Dave Fogerson: Toothbrushes: How do you protect the gateway to the temple? Hard, medium or soft bristles?

310: From Shawn Sullivan: when showering, what do you do first, hair or body?

311: From Colton & Rebecca: What makes the best sundae?

311: If you could play any song perfectly, what song would it be?

311: How do you feel about other people driving your car?

312: From Brian Razum: What do you tip a valet?

313: From Matt Koch: When you button your shirt, do you start at the top or the bottom?

314: From Ray: 3AM - really early or really late?

315: From Ryan Moore: What side of the bed do you sleep on? Closer to the door or farther from the door?

316: From Kim in Wisconsin: If you could have a cartoon character to be your personal assistant, who would it be?

317: From Charles Jousma: When it comes to holidays, so you say Independence Day or Fourth of July? Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings or Merry Christmas?

317: From Adam Rutland: What is your favorite bad movie?

318: From Jason Lambert: Cell phone - strap it on your belt or put it in your pocket? How do you feel about guys who strap it to their belt? (brought up again multiple times in Season 4, for humor)

319: From Jeff Martinka: What do you prefer? Fresh water lake, ocean or or pool?

319: Graham Elwood was asked if he could play one instrument and one song perfectly, what would it be?

319: From Andrew Woodbury: Communal showers - use them, or do you wait? How long do you walk around in a towel? Shower shoes or no shower shoes?

319: From Mark: You're on an island for 20 years, you can only have one food, what is it?

320: If you could play one instrument and one song perfectly, what would it be?

321: From Mike W: What is your take on vanity plates? What vanity plates would you get?

322: From Mike Studzienko (Mikey Studz) - Do you prefer pens or pencils?

322: From Max Eisenberg - If you had to be deaf or blind, which would you be?

323: From Ally Rondoni - When you make hot chocolate, do you heat the milk first, then put the cocoa in, or do you mix it all together first then heat it.

323: From Eric Williams - What is your favorite cheese?

324: From Joshua Schultz - John Bonham or Neil Peart?

324: From Bill Hughes - How do you all feel about malted milk balls?

325: From C. Thompson - When you buy new clothes, wash before wearing or not?



402: From Colin Sharp - When you brush your teeth, do you wet the brush before or after.

402: From Tom Louis - How do you feel about driving gloves? What 80's black pop star would you least like to be stuck on a bus with for a summer tour? Lionel Ritchie, Michael Jackson or Prince?

403: From Andy Moulder - What do you collect?

403: From Travis Blaine - If you could pick an age & year to be alive what would it be? (not answered)

404: From Pat Francis - When you make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, do you put the peanut butter & jelly one one slice or peanut butter on one and jelly on the other?

404: From Jeremy Zirse - When you forget someone's name do you fake your way through it or own up to it right away?

405: From Alex Fournier - Drive in movies, still a hit?

406: From Felice - Do you use a wallet, money clip or a rubber band? Bills in ascending or descending order?

407: From Chris Woodrow - When you go to a restaurant and there is a self-sservice soda machine, if you fill up before you leave, is that tacky or no big deal?

408: From Ryan - How do you eat a banana, peel it as you go, or peel it then eat it?


410: When parking, do you pull into the space or back in?

411: Carolyn Crabb - If your last name was turned into a verb, what action would it be? Good question but Jimmy decided to put a pin in this one.

411: From Mike the Mailman - If you were to get into a Gladiator-style battle with an animal, what would the animal be & what weapon would you use?

412: From Judy Matthews - When you drink soda pop, do you prefer cans, bottles or fountain?

413: Favorite Christmas special? What do you do with your sunglasses when you take them off?

414: If you had to have one haircut for the rest of your life, would you go mullet or rat tail?

415: If you had to live in a cartoon, would you prefer The Flintstones or The Jetsons?

416: When putting on pants do you zip and then button, or button then zip?

417: --



420: If you were a Siamese twin, who would you like to be connected to and by what body part? (Jimmy, you can't say Jon Hamm and cock!)

421: You live in a mansion & you have a pretentious study, do you go with a wall map or a globe? When dining out with another couple at a rectangular table, do you sit across from your spouse or beside your spouse?

422: You're stuck in a room with a chair & a TV for 2 hours. In order to leave, you have to watch one movie over and over, what movie would it be? Which movie would you not want to watch?

423: When you are watching a show on DVR, do you watch the scenes before the commercials with what is coming up next, or skip them?

424: There's a terrible disaster and there's only two people left alive on the planet, you and one of the following: Jon Hamm or Tonya Harding, who do you pick? When handing someone cash, do you hand them bills first or coins first?

425: When was the last time you peed outside? When peeing, where do you look, straight ahead, at the ceiling or where you are actually peeing?

426: What is your most irrational fear?

510: Can anyone here drive a standard? Do you drive one?

520: Is it ok to wear rival gear to a game where your team isn't playing?

524: I just broke up with a girl and am dating a new girl with the same name. Do I come up with a nickname for her or suck it up and call her by her name? Jimmy ruled immediately, suck it up.

524: Is it ok to leave your home team's game early if they are losing?

526: Do you do your civic duty or do you lie your way out of jury duty?

707: Subway or locally owned sub shop?

707: When approached by clipboard toting petitioners outside a grocery store, how do you evade them, or do you listen?

710: What is the best tv show theme song ever and if you had your own show which theme song would best fit it?

714: If you owned a race horse, what would you name it?

715: Do you tuck in your shirt when you wear jeans?

716: Should file folder tabs be in front or behind?

1008: What would your roller derby name be?

1008: Would you rather be a great bassist in a metal band or a great drummer in a country band?

1008: What fictional universe would you want to live in?

1008: Which non-English speaking country would you live in for the rest of your life?

1008: You're in a diner in the wee hours of the morning, breakfast food or dinner food?

1018: Do you clean the knife between layers when making a PB&J?

1121: What is your favorite acronym?

1121: Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage?

1121: What's 58 + 11?

1121: When you're on the road, what's the least trustworthy fast food option?

1201: Jimmy, if you could only save one person from drowning, who would you save, Matt or Pat? Christmas tree lights - colored or white?

1202: Do you wash your socks inside out or outside in?

1203: Which branch of the military would you join if you had to? What is your favorite unconventional flavor combination? What's your go-to toast spread?

14A: If Kojak were a real person today, what product would he advertise? When watching General Hospital, do you watch all storylines or fast forward through some of them? Bobsled, Ski Jump or Figure Skating, which would you do at Sochi and why? I own 96 pairs of socks, should I wait until they are all dirty to wash them, or wash them a few at a time?

PCaT 2010: Munsters or Addams Family?

PCaT 2013: From Pat Francis - Would you rather stub your pinky toe, bite the inside of your cheek or catch your pinky nail on a rivet on your jeans?