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These codes may expire at any time. & use promo code PARDO to get one month free.

Blue Apron: to get 2 meals free with free shipping

Shutter: Use promo code "Pardo" to get a free month

Warby Parker: to get your free trial

Nature Box: to get your free trial (just pay shipping)

Casper Mattresses: & use the code pardo to get $50 off your purchase.

Foot Cardigan: & use code feet1 to get 10% off any subscription

Bonobos (Bonobos): & use code pardo for 20% off

Harrys: get $5 off your first purchase when you use the code pardo

Mack Weldon: get 20% off with promo code pardo

Slack: get $100 off when you upgrade from a free plan.

Pro Flowers: click the blue microphone in the corner, use the code never

Former Sponsors:

Sexy Is

Adam & Eve

Handheld Comedy

The Laugh Bank

Tweaked Audio

Purity Organic

Looxcie bluetooth cameras