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Do you know who the little girl in the Coppertone commercial was? Jodie Foster!

Did you know Pat Boone did a heavy metal album?

Hey! You know that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the sword guy shows off fancy moves, then Indy just shoots him? Yeah, that was because Harrison Ford was sick that day, and he didn’t want to have to film a whole fight scene!

Hey did you know Barry Manilow did not write his hit I Write the Songs?

Did you know the most popular ice cream flavor is vanilla? It’s true!

Yeah, listen to this everybody… did you know that Jay Leno doesn’t spend any of his Tonight Show money? That’s right! He’s a standup comedian, and he lives totally on his standup money! For real!

Did you know that Billy Mumy, who played Will Robinson on the old Lost in Space TV show, was in a music duo called Barnes & Barnes, and they did that weird Fish Heads song? It’s true! Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #308

Hey did you know actor Joe Pantoliano likes to be called “Joey Pants”? Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #308

Hey guys, did you know the name of the member of ZZ Top without a beard is Frank Beard? Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #143

Didja know that Ugly Betty star America Ferrera is actually pretty? Submitted by Shane (Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #403)

Hey, did you know Carly Simon auctioned off the secret identity of the subject of her hit song You’re So Vain? [Comment has more info.] Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #507

Did you know Gary Burghoff’s left hand is deformed? When he played Radar on M*A*S*H, he often carried a clipboard to hide it! Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #507

Hey, did you know Hot Hot Hot singer Buster Poindexter was in the New York Dolls under his real name David Johansen? Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #507

Did you know Meryl Streep will be playing Julia Child in a movie? Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny #419

Did you guys know Peter Falk has only one eye?

Did you know that the first video on MTV was Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles?

Did you know that Nicholas Cage is Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew?

Did you know that Mark Wahlberg’s penis in Boogie Nights was a prosthetic?

Did you know that Michael Jackson is a former Jehovah’s Witness?

Listen up people! Did you know the judge in My Cousin Vinny (Fred Gwynn) was also Herman Munster in the TV show The Munsters? Huh? Didja? (Jimmy Pardo, Never Not Funny Episode #143)

Hey, did you know that Peter Boyle played not only Ray Romano’s dad on Everybody Loves Raymond, but also played The Monster in Young Frankenstein?

Did you know that John Goodman is actually a good actor?

“Slimer” in Ghostbusters is based on John Belushi.

Kevin Costner played the corpse in The Big Chill.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom came second, but is actually set before Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Hey, did you know Sha Na Na gained national fame after performing at Woodstock? Crazy right?!

Did you guys know that even though she played Bea Arthur’s mother on The Golden Girls, Estelle Getty was actually the YOUNGER of the two?

You, didja know that Ray Walston, the actor from My Favorite Martian also played Mr. Hand in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

Did you know that Jakob Dylan, the lead singer of the Wallflowers, is Bob Dylan’s son? Father and son!

Hey, did you know ‘You Can Call Me Al’ is about someone dealing with alcoholism!?!

Did you know that Michael Clarke Duncan didn’t even want to be an actor? He was a ditch digger and a bouncer when he was discovered!

Hey, did you know that Courtney Cox, from Friends, got discovered by dancing in a Bruce Springsteen video? Yeah, she was the girl who got pulled onstage in the Dancing in the Dark video!

Obvious Trivia via Darryl Asher!