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Jimmy and Matt decided to create a new segment for the show, Judge Jimmy. The listener would send in the details of a dispute they are having, Jimmy would assign sides of the case to Matt and the guest, Andrew would be the bailiff and Jimmy would rule. The decision would be binding. Unfortunately, after getting Daver to create a theme song and getting a gavel, they were informed of the Judge John Hodgman segment on Jordan, Jesse, Go and thought they would abandon the idea after one run, despite having received Jesse's blessing.

The first segment was on Episode 501. Here are the cases:

When pronouncing Illinois, do you pronounces the "s"? Alex says he does. Jimmy immediately rules that Alex is wrong.

The Snuggie, it's terrible right? Scott was for the Snuggie, Matt was against.

When should dryer lint be removed, before or after a load? Jimmy rules - If it's a communal machine, clean it when you're done, at home, you do it beforehand.

After this, Matt declared that the new segment would be Truth or Dare.

Episode 1018:

Is it ok to text while at a red light?

Do you call your significant other by a pet name in front others?