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Jimmy loves games! There's lots of stories of the NNF crew and guests seeing celebrities, but this is a list of all the times they played a guessing game with a celebrity sighting. I also added any stories that weren't part of a game, but get referenced more than once.

Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy met Peter Cetera, who recognized him from TV! (Episode 151)

Jimmy met Don Rickles! (Episode 158)

Jimmy and Danielle saw Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot and his wig at the El Coyote mexican restaurant. (Episode 202)

Jimmy saw the cast of Dallas classic on a flight. (Episode 408)

Jimmy saw Oliver Hudson from "Nashville" at the movie theater (Jurassic World) (Episode 1619)

Jimmy sat next to Emmett Smith on a plane (Episode 1625)

Jimmy saw Richard Schiff (Episode 17W)

Jimmy saw Pete Rose on a plane (Episode 1808)

Jimmy saw Suzanne Cryer (Episode 18S)

Jimmy saw Charles Barkley on a plane. He offered him gum. (Episode 1823)

Jimmy saw Kristen Bell at an undisclosed location. (Episode 1904)

Jimmy & Matt saw Lauren Ash and the cast of This Is Us on a plane. (Bonus Episode from Salt Lake City 2017)

Jimmy saw golfer Corey Pavin at a hair salon. Matt & Rachel Q scoffed at his use of celebrity. (Episode 20W)

Matt Belknap

Matt saw Minka Kelly. Jimmy declared she wasn't a star and didn't want more details. (Episode 229)

Matt and Pat Francis saw Richard Simmons at the movies. Jimmy tried to meet him when he was a kid. Richard got up and left when Jimmy was the only one left in line to meet him. (Episode 232)

Matt saw a bedraggled young lady named Chloe Sevigny at the vet purchasing cat food. (Episode 301)

Matt saw Weird Al at Trader Joe's. He also mentioned previously (Episode 157) seeing Henry Rollins and Janeane Garofalo together there one time. (Episode 301)

Matt saw Danny Bonaduce at Hollywood & Highland. Jimmy said it doesn't count. (Episode 325)

Matt saw Miley Cyrus at Hugo's (Episode 1603)

Matt saw Jere Burns (Episode 16T)

Matt saw Bob Odenkirk (Episode 17W)

Matt saw Paul Rudd at the airport (Season 17 Bonus: Bret Hart)

Matt saw Bruce Vilanch on a plane. (Episode 18U)

Matt saw Britney Young who plays Machu Picchu on GLOW (Episode 20V)

The Guests and The Fans

Pat Francis saw Robby Takac from the Goo Goo Dolls. No one cared. (Episode 229)

Dave Holmes saw David Caruso at Firefly. He spotted them looking at him and presented them with a signed photo from his sport coat pocket. His signature: D! (Episode 301)

Pat Francis saw Richard Simmons and Danny DeVito (Episode 315)

Pat Francis saw Ron Livingston and Carla Gugino at a Barack Obama bake sale. (Episode 325)

Rachel Quaintance saw Anthony Weiner, Harvey Keitel and Woody Allen (Episode 16A)

Eliot saw Angelyne. (Episode 17L)

NNF Fan Christine Cestaro saw TJ Miller. (Episode 18B)

Nate Jones (temp intern) saw Howard Kremer. No one was happy with that. (Episode 18U)

Dave Shumka saw Kendall Jenner at Toast (Episode 19C)

Rachel Quaintance saw Katy Perry at Pinks Hot Dogs (Episode 20W)