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The following are Jimmy's chosen words from the Player's Club episodes. Special thanks to Garon and Tyler for their help!

In episode 18D, Jimmy declared that Season 18 would have a theme - music! Season 19 was movies. Season 20 is TV shows.

Season 14

Random words

A: N/A

B: Baxter

C: Charlie

D: Diamond

E: Elephant

F: Foghat

G: Green Tea

H: Happy

I: Icehouse

J: Jaquar

K: Koala

L: Limestone

M: Money

N: Nebraska

O: Ozzy

P: Possum

Q: Quiznos

R: Riot

S: Sassafras

T: Toto

U: Ultravox

V: Vendetta

W: Waterloo

X: Xanadu

Y: Yella

Z: Zebra

Season 15

random words

A: Apple Box

B: Bananas

C: Caboose

D: Dynasty

E: Elastic

F: Flintstones

G: Giraffe

H: Helium

I: Isis

J: Jackal

K: Kawasaki

L: Limahl

M: Morrissey

N: Neverland/Nightmare

O: Octopus

P: Potassium

Q: Quantum

R: Raccoon

S: Spatula

T: Tornado


V: Vitamin

W: Winnebago

X: Xylophone

Y: Yaz

Z: Zaius (the good Doctor)

Season 16

A: Apollonia

B: Bolton

C: Cetera

D: Demon

E: Ecstasy

F: Firestarter

G: Gawk

H: Hootie

I: Imbecile

J: Jackal

K: Koi

L: Limahl

M: Moccasin

N: Naugahyde

O: Origami

P: Poison

Q: Quartermain

R: Ruby

S: Salamander

T: Triumph

U: Universe

V: Velociraptor

W: Winnebago

X: Xanadu

Y: Yaz

Z: Zeppelin

Season 17

A: Antacid

B: Babylon

C: Cabbage

D: Disco

E: Escalator

F: Firefox

G: Gabardine

H: Helium

I: Iron Maiden

J: Jackal

K: Koala

L: Liberty

M: Mahogany

N: Nectarine

O: Octagon

P: Phantom

Q: Quasar (Cuisinart)

R: Rain

S: Spendthrift

T: Tarantula

U: Umbrella

V: Venom

W: Winning

X: Xenophobe

Y: Y’understand

Z: Zithromax

Season 18

(As of 18D) Music

A: Asthma

B: Baguette

C: Cabbage

D: Destroyer

E: Entwhistle

F: Frampton

G: Gabriel

H: Hootie

I: Iron Maiden

J: Jamiroquai

K: Kottke

L: Loverboy

M: Monkees

N: Night Ranger

O: Orion

P: Planet P

Q: Quarterflash

R: The Romantics

S: Santana

T: Triumph

U: Utopia

V: Vangelis

W: Wham!


Y: Yardbirds

Z: Zappa

Season 19


A: All The Right Moves

B: Buckaroo Bonzai/Blues Brothers

C: Cinderella Man

D: Deliverance

E: Elephant Man

F: Father of the Bride

G: Gremlins

H: High Noon

I: Indecent Proposal

J: Johnny Dangerously


L: The Longest Yard

M: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

N: Night Shift

O: Outsiders

P: Purple Rain

Q: Quest For Fire

R: none

S: Starship (Jimmy changed to bands)

T: Tank Girl

U: Unforgiven

V: Van Helsing

W: Wild Wild West

X: Jimmy didn't like the idea of X movies so they went with L - Longest Yard

Y: Young Frankenstein (Guest Tom Simmons wins!)

Z: Zorro  

Season 20

TV Shows

A: All In The Family

B: Barney Miller

C: Cop Rock

D: Designing Women

E: Extra

F: The Flintstones

G: Gilmore Girls

H: Helltown (Hogan’s Heroes)

I: Inside Edition

J: Jeopardy!

K: n/a?

L: Laverne & Shirley

M: Murphy Brown

N: New Zoo Review

O: Once Upon A Time

P: Police Story

Q: Quincy ME

R: Reading Rainbow

S: Starsky & Hutch

T: Three's Company

U: Untouchables

V: Valley Girls (V was Jimmy's original)

W: The Wonder Years (Wings was Jimmy's original)