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Episode 103

You remember Open Flame Cooking Situation? They opened for String Cheese Incident when I worked at the Troubadour.

Episode 107

You remember Pledging Frats? They opened up for Kansas in 1987.

You remember Choice of Soups? They opened up for Quiet Riot 3 months ago. (The first time Jimmy used it, in high school)

Remember Tin Ear? They opened up for Rose Royce.

Episode 108

Do you remember Unnecessarily Squeaky?

Episode 109

Remember Jar of Rubella?

Do you remember Rakes and Blowers?

Episode 111

You remember Monkey With a Hairbrush?

You remember the hit sitcom Back to Banana? It was the spinoff of Banana Splits.

You remember Shattered Glass?

Episode 113

You remember Faux-Globe?

Episode 116

You remember Power Stapler? They opened up for Power Station.

Episode 120

Remember Childhood Banking Situation?

Episode 121

Remember Kit Wyld? They are opening for Butch Walker in two weeks.

Did you ever watch Faulty Hammers? PBS show.

Episode 130

Remember Cacophony of Flair? They opened for Yes in 84.

Remember Right Math? They opened up for Marillion.

Remember More Than Once?

Remember Jowl Movement?

Remember Impales The Child? They opened up for Marilyn Manson. And for She Wants Revenge at the Greek.

You remember Caffeine Addiction? Opened up for Ronnie Dio.

Remember Five Over?

Remember Whole Lot of Nobodies?

Episode 131

Remember Lotions & Liniments? Calamines & Creams. Blister & a Thumb?

Remember Coats Incorporated?

Episode 132

Remember Poison Glue?

Remember Tyson Dahmer?

You remember Reinventing Their Head? They opened for Dane Cook.

You remember Flip The Sisters? They opened for Scissor Sisters.

Remember Crack and Boys? They opened for Bronski Beat.


Remember Fosters Learning?

You remember Three Men Laughed? Opened up for Men Without Hats. Mike saw them with Chris de Burgh.

Episode 133

You remember Willy Nilly?

Episode 134

You remember BB Guns & Elbows? They were dynamite. They had that wonderful hit Anti-Pesta.

Remember Posters and Postcards?

Episode 136

Remember Tuba Funk? Tower of Power opened for them.

Episode 137

Remember Lunar Landing?

Episode 138

Remember Kidney Pockets? They were James Brown's original band.

Remember Number One Good Snark?

You remember Lobster Dynamite? They opened for the B-52s.

Episode 140

Remember Bangin' In A Tux Schmidty? You saw them open for My Morning Jacket. Power Station too! Episode 141

Remember Mac and Bread?

Remember Pleurisy of the Penis?

Episode 142

You remember Magazine Rack Out Of A Cereal Box? They opened up for Taco. That's a bad show.

Episode 145

You remember Warm Lager? They opened for House of Pain.

You remember Green Rickshaw? They opened for Mooney Suzuki. Mena Suvari is their lead singer.

You remember The Handymen? They opened for The Highwaymen. That was the Men On Men Tour. Baja Men were on that tour.

Do you remember Four Inch Flacid Cock? They opened for 30 Odd Foot of Grunts and Level 42.

Episode 146

Remember Cantaloop Soup?

Episode 147

What about the Backseat Belts? Jimmy discovered The New Kids In The Backseat.

Episode 149

Remember Sample Sandwiches?

Episode 150

You remember Scratchy Beard? Or Ironic Barbershop Quartet

You remember Silent Soup? They opened up for Queensrÿche

Keyboards and Capes

Remember Cadence and Timber?

Episode 151

You remember Butter Up Your Beehive? They opened up for 57 Part Harmony.

You remember Crazy Hard Nipples? All female improv group. They were sassy!

Episode 152

You remember Assless Boxer?

Episode 155

Remember Defective Shirt?

Vomit on the Sweater

Episode 160

You remember the Loggerheads don't you?

Episode 207

Remember Buffalo Mom?

Episode 211

You remember Damp & Clammy?

Episode 212

Remember Rich Broad? Good guy.

Episode 228

You remember Gingham & Beads?

Episode 230

Cozy Pyjamas, a drum player

Episode 238

Shards of Mirror

Episode 239

Cockamamie Process

Remember A Touch of Downs?

Episode 302

Remember Cardigan Vest?

Episode 305

You remember Protect The Toup? ZZ Top's 4th album.

Episode 310

You remember Cat Poster? She opened up for Cat Power.

Episode 311

You remember Medicine & A Hat?

Episode 312

Remember Herb Chips? Good man.

Remember Kicking Dildos?

Episode 318

You remember Flukey Guess? He used to open up for Sinatra

Episode 403

Pockets for Dildos.

Episode 404

Remember Coke Lore?

Episode 406

You remember Piss On Bums? They were the great band who opened up for the Kaiser Chiefs over there at the Henry Fonda.

Pardcastathon 2013

Remember Hoax Buttons?

Puka Necklace & Flip Flop

Remember Boozy Cadence?

Episode 417

Remember Mesquite Country?

Episode 420

Remember Clumsy Pussy?

Remember Toxic Shock Syndrome?

Remember OBGYN?

Remember Smooth Young Boys?

Episode 503

Remember Trumping Weaver, a Matthew McConaughey film?

Episode 720

Balloon Dog's Distance

Episode 803

Patty & Bread, a morning team out of Tulsa

Episode 804

Nosejobs & Bibles, great podcast

(If I missed any, let me know!)