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Never Not Funny Players Club[edit]

The free version of Never Not Funny includes one free audio podcast a week, released on Wednesdays. By joining The Players Club, you get access to an extra audio episode released on Sundays, as well as video versions of both podcasts.

The Players Club costs $29.99 for one season, or $49.99 for both seasons (currently season 18 & 19). You can also upgrade to VIP and get an exclusive Multi-tool that's only available to Players Club members.

Join at

Never Not Funny, Volume 1[edit]

Jimmy, Mike and Matt's favorite moments from the first twenty episodes have been collected on one CD: "Never Not Funny Volume One." You'll hear classic stories like "Rainbow Bridge," "Mike's Mom," "Golf Team" and "Howie," all in uncompressed, CD-quality sound. Also included is the full version of daver's "Mad at the World," the Never Not Funny theme song. There might even be some never-before-heard bonus material! Relive the magic of the first twenty episodes and learn to laugh again with "Never Not Funny."

Available on AST Records iTunes and Google Play


Never Not Funny t-shirts that are currently for sale include:

Bag o' Corn, Friend!

My Pleasure!

A Very important t-shirt

Ha! Idiot!

Out of print t-shirts will be added soon.

Jimmy's Albums[edit]

Sprezzatura, released in 2013.

Jimmy Pardo is the host of the award-winning and trailblazing podcast "Never Not Funny" and the opening act for "Conan" on TBS, but first and foremost, he is a revered stand-up comedian who has delighted audiences across the country with his trademark off-the-cuff performance style for over two decades. On his third album, "Sprezzatura," Jimmy showcases his famed crowd work skills in a deliriously loose and infectiously silly set recorded at Go Bananas Comedy Club in Cincinnati, Ohio. By weaving stories from his life through the back-and-forth banter with those in attendance, Jimmy forms a special bond with his audience, creating a unique comedy experience that is truly inimitable. "Sprezzatura" captures the magic of seeing Jimmy Pardo live, and invites listeners to get swept up in the fun.

Sprezzatura is available on [AST Records] on CD or Vinyl, autographed versions are also available. Also available on iTunes and Google Play

Pompous Clown, released in 2007.

Called "essential listening for every new comedian" by Patton Oswalt, Pompous Clown is a masterclass in crowd work taught by one of the best in the business. Experience Jimmy Pardo in all his rat-a-tat, stream of consciousness glory as he plays with the audience and takes them -- and you -- on the comedy ride of a lifetime.

Pompous Clown is available through iTunes and Google Play

Uno, released in 2001.

Uno was Jimmy Pardo's first CD, recorded live at Comedy Comedy in Lisle, IL in April and December of 2000 and released in 2001. Tracks included: 1. Hello! 2. Driving With Jimmy 3. Drinking With Jimmy 4. Bungee Jumping 5. Jimmy Gets A Haircut 6. Jimmy Needs A Haircut 7. Three Deaf Guys Walk Into A Bar 8. Carnivals 9. Jimmy Takes A Shower 10. Audience Rules 11. Jimmy's New Musical 12. Batting Cages 13. S.T.P. Manager

Uno is unfortunately out of print.

Other Appearances

Jimmy also appears on the 2007 Comedy Death Ray CD and The Bob and Tom Show's comedy collection As Big As a Hat, released in 2008.