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Andrew J. Koening (AK-47)

Season 3 Andrew.jpg

Andrew Koenig (also known as AK-47) was Jimmy's brother-in-law (his beautiful wife Danielle's brother) and the videographer for the show from Season 3 to Season 6. Jimmy often engaged in good-natured ribbing towards Andrew about his great looks, gorgeous head of hair and hippie lifestyle.

Andrew tragically passed away in February 2010. Jimmy and Matt released a special episode of their favorite moments of Andrew from the show. Jimmy now closes every show with the phrase "AK-47, gone, not forgotten."

Notable Andrew moments:

Episode 301 - Andrew talks about being in the Olympics.

Episode 302 - Andrew adds footage from when he was arrested.


Pat Francis


Dan Katz


Dan "Tabasco Ears" Katz is a former intern for the show.

Mike Schmidt


Mike Schmidt, referred to by Jimmy as Michael Glenn Schmidt, The Former Third Baseman and more commonly just Schmidtty, was a co-host of Never Not Funny for 59 episodes in Season 1. In episode 60, Jimmy announced that their relationship had become strained and they had decided to go their separate ways. He can currently be found at or on Twitter at @the40yearoldboy. He returned to the show as a guest at the end of Season 6 and has made numerous appearances since on both the regular show and at Pardcastathon. wishes him well as we do all former co-hosts.


Jimmy's long time friend David Zuchowski (Daver) wrote and performed the Never Not Funny theme song "Mad at the World" and has provided bumper music for the show such as the "Stupid Question of the Week" theme. Visit him at